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William Shakespeare's Jedi The Last - Star Wars Part The Eighth

1 in stock $30.00

Experience the latest chapter in the George Lucas series in an all-new way,
with The Last Jedi reimagined as if it spilled direct from the quill of William
The Star Wars saga continues, with Bard of Avon providing some of the biggest shocks
yet! Alack, the valiant Resistance must flee from the scoundrels of the First Order, and it
falls to Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, and BB-8 to take up arms against sea of troubles. Can they
bring Snoke’s schemes to woe, destruction, ruin, and decay? Will Luke Skywalker take the
stage once more, and aid Princess Leia in the winter of her discontent?
Authentic meter, stage directions, reimagined movie scenes and dialogue, and hidden
Easter eggs throughout will entertain and impress fans of Star Wars and Shakespeare
alike. Every scene and character from the film appears in the play, along with twenty
woodcut-style illustrations that depict an Elizabethan version of the Star Wars universe.
Series Overview: What if the Star Wars saga had been created by William
Shakespeare? From Verily, A New Hope to The Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge, each
volume in this series presents one of the iconic George Lucas films written as a full-blown
Shakespeare play. Elizabethan dialog, Shakespearean meter, stage directions, inside
jokes and wooddcut-style illustrations pay homage to both source materials. May the verse
be with you!

Ian Doescher
isbn 9781683690870
publisher / manufacturer
Quirk Books