Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition - Adventures In The Future

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A new Doctor Who special magazine from Panini Magazines is published today. It is titled Essential Doctor Who – Adventures In The Future and it includes a look at some of the episodes from David Tennant's era of Doctor Who.

The description of the magazine from the publisher is:
'Doctor Who’s predictions of the future have depicted the destruction of planet Earth and the ultimate collapse of the universe. Alien superpowers have subjugated star systems and galactic empires have fallen, leaving only a few witnesses to the end of time itself.

This lavish publication sets the TARDIS co-ordinates for a journey into this dangerous realm, exploring landmark episodes and meeting the talents who brought them to the screen.

Packed full of exclusive features, including a wealth of previously unseen images, this is the essential guide to the series’ greatest futuristic adventures.'

David Tennant's era of Doctor Who which were set in the future included New Earth, Gridlock, The Waters Of Mars and The End Of Time.

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