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Kiwis Versus Morality Card Game

in stock $49.99

Kiwi's Versus Morality is a game for Kiwi's who love laughing at themselves. We're a pretty crackup nation, and this game is all about having a laugh about our more memorable moments...and some of those moments we'd probably rather not remember. In each round of the game, one player poses a question from one of the green cards; and every other player competes to finish this sentence with the most comical Kiwiana green card they can find in their hand. Players then vote on which answer is the funniest, and that person wins the point, keeping the green card. The player with the most question cards at the end wins! It's pretty simple, but it's bloody hilarious, featuring iconic kiwi moments including Paula's Panini, David Bain's sweater, Shortland Street, the Mad Butcher's meat & Steven Joyce's live TV projectiles.

Age: 16 years and up
Item no: 47821
Approx package dimensions: 19 x 7 x 10 cms
Contents: 100 Green Question Cards and 400 White Answer Cards
Adapted from the original American edition to suit your vapid, fun-loving culture.
Number of players: 4-20+
Play time: 30-90 minutes

isbn 942001574821-5