The Simpsons - Enamel Pin Series Blind Boxes

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Springfield's first family, The Simpsons, is here to invade your wardrobe and become your favorite accessory with The Simpsons Enamel Pin Series. Each of the collectible The Simpsons enamel pins comes blind boxed so you get the joy and surprise of unboxing each individual one. Collect all of the Simpsons characters and rule Springfield!

One random box with one pin in it will be shipped

Collect them all:

Homer Simpson Enamel Pin – 2/20
Marge Simpson Enamel Pin – 2/20
Bart Simpson Enamel Pin – 3/20
Lisa Simpson Enamel Pin – 1/20
Maggie Simpson Enamel Pin – 1/20
Scratchy Enamel Pin – 1/20
Itchy Enamel Pin – 1/20
Duffman Enamel Pin – 2/20
Barney Enamel Pin – 1/20
Funzo Enamel Pin – 1/40
Snake Enamel Pin – 3/40
Apu Enamel Pin – 2/20
Devil Flanders Enamel Pin – 1/40

isbn 883975149772
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