Aliens - Bishop Android Plush

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Queen Takes Bishop

Because of her previous experience with synthetics, Ripley is loathe to embrace Bishop as a crew member, let alone embrace him literally, but you know better. Hang on to this plush as if he's sliding toward the airlock, and you're the only one who can save him. (It really works better this way than the other way around since this version's only a foot tall.)

Super-deformed Half-a-Bishop Android Plush features crazy hair, a non-removable shirt, and his cables and innards hanging out the bottom. They're safely sealed-up this time so you won't get any android juice on you when you snuggle with him. BTW, we hear rumors he thinks you're not bad for a human.

Product Specifications

Super-deformed, super-huggable half-a-Bishop plush
Officially-licensed Aliens plush
Materials: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 14" tall x 10" wide x 5" deep
Ages 3+

isbn 847509002230
publisher / manufacturer
Think Geek