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Blurgh Party Game

1 in stock $69.99

The party game that will mess with your head

From the makers of F**k. The Game.

What's this game about?

Get your heads in the game – Each player receives a tricky combination of colours, swear words and pictures (including your friends faces) that will confuse even your smartest of friends.
Simple, yet complex – Players take turns to flip their cards and shout the answer based on a few simple, yet complex, rules. Each card is designed to mess with your head — the more mistakes, the more laughs.
Lose all your cards to win – If you get the answer wrong (or take too long) you’ll be forced to pick up cards. The first player to lose all their cards wins.
Make it your game – Your creations become the star of each game. Use the colour-popping scratch cards to create your own rules using words and pictures (then keep them for future games).

Choose your challenge – With a variety of extra challenge cards to add to the mix, no round will ever be the same. 60 challenge cards are included in the game.

Laugh at your friends – Watch your friends fail while they decide to swear or not.

Whats in the box?

120x Blurgh Playing Cards
80x Scratch Cards
60x Challenge Cards
1x Rules reference card
1x How to play guide
6x Scratch pens
1x Scratch pen sharpener
Ages 17+

2-20 Players

20 mins to play

UPC 9369998100989