Batman - A Celebration of the Classic TV Series Hardback

KA-POW! This is the book Bat-Fans have been waiting for! For the first time, the classic 1960s TV series starring Adam West and…

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DC Comics -Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Itty Bitty

Another popular collectable for DC Super Hero Girls fans - a plush version of sneaky class clown and prankster Harley Quinn.

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Captain America - With Shield Itty Bitty

Itty bittys: Captain America - 4" Plush Hallmark’s itty bittys fit a lot of fun in a small package! These charming stuffed…

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Doctor Who - Dr. Eighth (Roger Hargreaves) Mr Men

The greatest mash-up in the Whoniverse continues in this adventure starring the Eighth Doctor! Two warring races. One Time…

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Doctor Who - Now We Are Six Hundred A Collection of Time Lord Verse hardcover book

The first ever volume of Doctor Who verse, illustrated by Russell T. Davies. I went into a box and it wasn’t a box. I asked…

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