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Top Trumps Quiz - Star Wars

in stock $29.99

SO, Who Is Your Father?

From a galaxy far, far away comes the all new Top Trumps Quiz! Battle the force with 500 questions to test your knowledge around all the unforgettable moments from the Star Wars Saga. But don't forget it's the quiz with a twist and your memory may play tricks on you!

Test your Star Wars knowledge
500 questions
Fun for any Star Wars fan
Top Trumps has been played since the 1970s when the first packs took the playgrounds of the UK by storm. Its success is partly due to how easy and compelling it is to play. Shuffle and deal all the cards face down. Each player takes their share of the cards and holds them so that they can only see the top card. The first player reads out a selected statistic (e.g. Weight or Speed). The other players then read out the same statistic from their own top cards. The player with the best or highest value wins and places all the cards on the bottom of his pile.

It is then that player's turn to choose a statistic from the next card. If two or more cards share the top value or data is unavailable for that statistic, then all the top cards are placed in the middle and the same player chooses from the next card. The winner of that hand takes all the cards from the middle as well. The person with all the cards at the end is the winner, easy. The better you know the deck, the better your chances.

Players: 2+
Playtime: 15–30 Minutes

Suitable for ages 5 & up

UPC 5036905027458