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Turning Red - Mei as Panda Cosbaby [Velvet Hair Version]

Special Order (Ships in 4-5 Weeks) $59.99

How about a big hug from Red Panda Mei? In the 2023 Pixar movie Turning Red, our 13-year-old Meilin Lee "poofs" into a giant red panda when she gets a little too excited. This Red Panda version of Mei captures everyone's heart with its Big Red Cuddly appearance. This summer, Hot Toys introduces to fans with Red Panda Mei Cosbaby (S) (Velvet Hair Version)! Collectible measures 11 cm with base in height, crafted with soft velvet hair.

The Red Panda Mei Cosbaby (S) (Velvet Hair Version) features the cuddly red panda with its huge puppy-dog eyes, recreating the fangirling expression on her. The Velvet Hair feature is just about right to recreate the "YOU'RE SO FLUFFLY" scene. Don't forget the signature tail on her that you might actually want it once you touch it!

We can't get enough of this A-Mei-zing Red Panda Mei Cosbaby (S) (Velvet Hair Version)!

Turning Red – Red Panda Mei Cosbaby (S) (Velvet Hair Version) Special Features:

* Turning Red character in stylized Cosbaby form
* Approximately 11 cm tall with base
* Specially crafted with soft velvet hair
* Non-articulated figure
* Includes platform base with character name

UPC 4895228614155
publisher / manufacturer
Hot Toys