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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics) - Krang with Android Body XL BST AXN Figure

2 in stock $69.99

Introducing BST AXN XL! Designed for those larger-than-life characters from the TMNT lore to scale up so YOU can re-enact your favorite TMNT story elements with your 1:15th scale TMNT BST AXN collection!

Krang is 8" tall and is packed with features; a snap and release cockpit accessed through the waist, housing Krang in the control pit of his AWESOME robot!
Krang comes with an extra set of tentacle arms with ball and pin joints for maximum poseability. Krang's robot comes with several interchangeable hand grips and weapons – an axe, a drill, a laser weapon, a huge katana sword, punching fists, and gripping hands! Krang robot features 31 pts of articulation including butterfly joints in the shoulder, and double joints in both elbows, and knees for maximum poseability!

A must have for the TMNT enthusiast – fully poseable, killer quality, killer features, a ton of accessories!

Packaged in a great display window-box! The first in the BST AXN XL assortment, 8" TMNT action figures, here we come!"

UPC 850039772542
publisher / manufacturer
The Loyal Subjects