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TOYGER DeckSlimmer Purple

Special Order (Ships in 3-5 days) $59.99

TOYGER’s DeckSlimmer range is perhaps the most innovative deckbox in recent memory. When open, the deckbox appears fairly inconspicuous. However, the DeckSlimmer is engineered to compress when closed – slimming down to a mere 5.4cm thick design perfect for slotting easily into backpacks and bags unlike classic deckbox archetypes of old.

Highlighted below are the key features of TOYGER’s patented DeckSlimmer design:

1. Foldable, Slim, and Capable.
The DeckSlimmer can hold 140 single-sleeved cards, 120 double-sleeved cards, 100 triple-sleeved cards, or 270 cards without sleeves all while maintaining the core functionality of transforming into its extra slim form. The lid features magnet strips to ensure cards remain safe inside the deckbox when closed.

2. Easy removal of Cards from the Deckbox.
When any normal deckbox is full, it can be incredibly difficult to browse for and remove singular cards from the case. Sometimes, even the deck itself can be difficult to remove from a full deckbox. With the DeckSlimmer, there is always an abundance of space in the box when opened, effectively circumventing the concerns mentioned above.

3. Premium Materials.
The DeckSlimmer’s clever engineering is augmented by the premium materials used in its construction, ensuring both the longevity of the deckbox itself and a fashionable build worthy of any gaming table.

4. Space for more.
The DeckSlimmer is designed with two extractable internal trays, perfect for holding objects like Dice or TOYGER’s Stretchable Pen instrumental to TCG Players. As such, the DeckSlimmer is the ideal deckbox for competitive events – compact, yet with everything you could need so that you can focus on performing on the day.

UPC 4580645820417
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